I ended up at Georgetown on a Sunday night via one of the 50% off TopTable deals. Rather than a la carte, they had a smaller, simpler menu with limited choice for starters, main and desserts. Fortunately they had enough of a selection that we could all have something different and share. Well, that is, at least what we had been planning. When the dishes arrived, they seemed to be focused more on complete individual meals, rather than a more proper asian style of sharing different dishes with people.


I ended up with the chicken curry, chunks of chicken breast in a light curry sauce but tasty nevertheless. What impressed me at this restaurant was that they served each dish with a couple of different types of vegetables such as my dish that came with some sort of beetroot salad, as well as braised vegetables, yet another dish being served with a stewed red cabbage mixture instead. It’s easy for restaurants to have a single “side” pot that they keep scooping from and I appreciated this isn’t what Georgetown had.


The food was pretty decent, though I’m not sure I would have paid full price (£13) for the dishes that we did have. All of it was flavourful but I do think that their their decore and environment left it feeling rather void and empty. “Colonial” style made it feel old-fashioned, and I guess the fact that it was completely empty up until the time we left didn’t leave any good impressions.

Name: Georgetown (closed)
Former location: 10 London Bridge Street, SE1 9SG
The good: Reasonably tasty Malaysian food
The not so good: “Empty” atmosphere and questionable value for money.

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