Benito’s Hat – Mexican Kitchen

benitoshatWhat’s better than some hot Mexican food to warm you up when it’s cold outside? At least that’s what I thought when I dropped past Goodge Street to grab a quick bite to eat at Benito’s Hat before heading out for the evening. Unfortunately my glasses didn’t quite agree with me and fogged up so bad that I had to wait five minutes before I could properly see the menu board upon walking in. I, therefore, have to give bonus points to the attendant there who gave me a takeaway menu so that I could read it while my glasses defogged.

Benito’s Hat is one of the many burrito places cropping up around town. Much like Mexicali, they give you a small handful of corn chips with your burrito but for me, the real test, is whether or not the burrito tastes great. The menu is simple, and although they offer seating, it’s an order-pay-sit affair with no real table service. At least they offer some beer and margarita to wash down your drink. I had a steak burrito competitively priced against all other burrito places for £5.50 and although I asked for it to be extra hot and some additional chillis, it didn’t quite hit the same level I get at Daddy Donkey.

burritoName: Benito’s Hat – Mexican Kitchen
Found at: 6 Goodge St, Greater London, W1T 4
The Good: Many tables to eat your burritos, and some alcoholic beverages to turn a simple take away into a little bit more of a dinner out. Plenty of options and it’s warm inside when it’s cold out.
The Not So Good: The steak was a little on the tough side, and didn’t turn out to have anything that made it stand out. The salsa tasted much better than the bland-as Mexicali, though to me, still doesn’t stand out to either Daddy D or Freebird Burritos.

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