Back Online!

Apologies to any visitors for the downtime this week. It has been two years since this site started, and it was just this week that I found out that my domain name had expired. It took a little longer than expected getting it renewed since I had a very old email address registerd with the registrar, but as you are probably finding out, has all been sorted out.

Apologies Website Viewers

Firstly I just wanted to apologise for any popups that any of you may have been getting in visiting my site. I have been getting them myself and thought it was other sites causing this. It was becoming quite frequent and I found out that the free service I use for web-traffic analysis had changed and started doing little popups (this was the little icon that used to be on the menu).

They have now been replaced with another service. If you still see the icon, make sure you do a SHIFT-F5 on your window to make sure you get the latest, but do post a comment if you have any other issues.



Back from hiatus

It’s been a while since my last post mainly because I have most waking hours, if not at work or out with people, searching for a more permanent home in London. I’ll write more about that experience later, but back to putting up some stuff I’ve been meaning to for a couple of weeks now.

WordPress 1.5

Sorry if I broke anyone subscribing to the RSS feeds, but tonight I just upgraded TheKua to WordPress 1.5! Upgrading was relatively painless, with only a few teething issues since I had been using WordPress 1.3-alpha.3 and had to ensure some of my own *tweaks* didn’t break anything. It looks like my RSS is back to being everything as well for the time being. One of the nifty features of this new version is the ability to ensure RSS feeds get all of the text from the posts (which after this weekend, I know some people prefer).