Manchester: Katsouris Deli

This image to the left is all I have to remember about Katsouris’ (wonderful) Deli, that I stumbled across while wandering around Manchester. I came across this joint found on the corner of Deansgate and St Mary’s Gate just in time for the morning coffee. Unfortunately in my excitement, I neglected to take a photo of the place and all I ended up with is this empty coffee cup.

Beyond simply a place for coffee, this surprisingly large venue, serves the myriad of crowds including the late brunching diners, the mid morning and mid afternoon tea and coffee drinkers, the lunchtime sandwich crowd and those simply wanting to take back some quality deli produce home. I figured that Manchester would have less of a coffee culture, and I would end up with some excessively milky, or deeply bitter coffee, both of which my latte triumphantly failed at. I’ll definitely be returning to this place if I’m ever in Manchester again.

Name: Katsouris Deli
Found at: 113 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2BQ