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Base web project with angular, require, grunt and karma

I was looking for a project that had a good basis for a build that included angular (JS MVC framework), require (for modules), grunt (for build) and karma (for automated tests).

I came across this one in the end that looks like it will do the job:

I tried angular-seed-requirejs but it lacked tests, angular-seed didn’t have a nice build script and angular-seed-coffeescript and angular-grunt-coffeescript all lacked tests with karma.

It took me a while to find but this project seems to do what I want right now.

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  1. Mohammad

    After comparing few popular angular seeds on github, I wrote one, which has a pretty good directory structure and asynchronous module loading in a on-demand basis. You don’t have to load all controllers at page-load. With this angular seed the components are loaded on-demand, when and where it’s needed on the fly. Feel free to give it a try, and if you like it, fork it or give it a star 😉

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