Building Evolutionary Architectures (2017)

Cover of the Building Evolutionary Architectures book

A book that covers a modern approach to thinking about software architecture in today’s ecosystem of constant change.

Talking with Tech Leads (2014)

Book cover of "Talking With Tech Leads"

A collection of interviews with software developers transitioning into a technical leadership role. In this book, you will learn about the variety of styles and approaches to being an effective tech lead.

The Retrospective Handbook (2012)

Book cover of "The Retrospective Handbook"

A collection of practical advice on running retrospectives in a much more effective manner. This book will be relevant for anyone looking at making their retrospectives much effective – e.g. agile coaches, facilitators, etc.

The ThoughtWorks Anthology (2nd Edition) (2012)

Book cover of "The ThoughtWorks Anthology 2"

A collection of essays. I contributed a chapter on “Extreme Performance Testing.

97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know (2009)

A contribution to this book of practical advice for Project Managers

Additional Publications

The following list includes other articles not published on this website: