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Systems Diagramming Tools

Just a quick reminder to myself about a number of tools available to people interested in Systems Thinking:

  • Flying Logic (Commerical) – My favourite so far with nice looks, and an emphasis on building the diagram collaboratively instead of simply focusing on output. It automatically adjusts the layout when adding in nodes for minimal line-cross overs. Can be a be nauseating sometimes.
  • Graphviz (Free) – Simple looping diagram that’s easy to automate. Not was good representation for causal loops if you want to discriminate amplifying/dampening cycles, but good bang for buck
  • Omnigraffle (Commercial) – Diagramming tools that makes very snazzy diagrams. Less powerful on automatic layout than Flying Logic. Mostly manual.


  1. Dave

    Also check out yEd

    We have a handful of tools that generate diagrams showing the results of automatic analyses of our system. We used to use GraphViz, and it’s still used quite heavily, but we prefer to dump data in GraphML and use yEd for layout and visualisation.

    Think it’s free.

  2. Patrick

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll definitely check it out.

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