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Fixing Notepad++ 5.5 Langs.xml

LangsXml Failed to LoadI upgraded to the latest version of Notepad++ (5.5) and noticed that I sometimes get some problems with a dialogue box that pops up, looking like the picture the right stating (Load Langs.xml failed!)

Having a quick look at the installation directory, it looks like a langs.xml file exists yet it has a 0KB size. I’m not sure what causes it yet (perhaps it’s if you kill the process mid-way using Task Manager) but all I did was take a copy of langs.model.xml and rename the copy as langs.xml. Fixes it all up!


  1. Rob

    I had the same error, renaming the file fixed the problem indeed.
    But, I had no problems at all, until I started using the FTP plugin.
    Maybe the plugin is causing this…

  2. Oren

    Thanks a lot…

    Very Useful.

  3. Zane

    Thanks! I also installed the FTP Plugin, im pretty sure this is the reason for it. 🙂

  4. zx

    Thanks! This was really annoying!

  5. zx

    P.S. I did not install any plugis – I got the error from the very beginning…

  6. Horus

    Very good

  7. Brad

    This fixed my problem (running Win 7 x64). thank you!

  8. Alec

    BTW, this problem exists in WinXP as well. The file on this system is 75,792 bytes large and has nothing but nul characters. The fix worked, Thanks! You could also erase/delete langs.xml and it will be regenerated.

  9. Bo

    Fixed my (annoying) problem as well, I didn’t install any FTP thingie though.

  10. Tom

    Finally! Thanks!

    How annoying that was.

  11. Arman

    I’ve got the same issue on Windows 7, but there is NO “langs.model.xml” at that folder! I just deleted the langs.xml, but it didn’t work!

  12. Michael

    thank you very much! mystery solved

  13. Peter

    Same problem and fix for me worked as suggested

    close Notepad++
    delete langs.xml
    restart Notepad++

    Notepad++ will refer to langs.model.xml and recreate a new langs.xml for itself.

    If you have Arman’s problem as above, and you don’t want to do a reinstall, you could download the zip version of Notepad++, extract langs.model.xml to the install folder, then follow the fix.

  14. Arman

    I followed the suggested fix and get no massage anymore as I open the program, but the commands aren’t highlighted (C language)

    I found an alternative: use the portable version of Notepad++ installed on a USB and wait for an update!

    Thanks Peter

  15. Astroni

    LoL, it really works!

  16. Justin

    I have seen similar fixes documented at various places. For instance , you can find a similar solution here. While this certainly makes the warning message disappear, it doesn’t really resolve the issue that Notepad++ is corrupting, or wiping out the langs.xml file. Personally, I customize indentation settings, both the default settings, and in some cases the settings for specific languages. I have found that taking a backup of my modified langs.xml, and restoring it, will do the trick. However, I hope they can get this issue permanently resolved. I love NP++, but this has gotten a bit annoying.

  17. Florian Sax

    the problem seems to reoccur, so i’ve created a .bat file as a one-click fix:


    download 64bit fixNotepad.bat

    copy /Y "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Notepad++\langs.model.xml" "%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\langs.xml"


    copy /Y "%ProgramFiles%\Notepad++\langs.model.xml" "%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\langs.xml"

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