I’ve been leveraging my experience with agile in teams and development and applying it to what I’ve been doing in training. Here’s what it looks like:

  • Review material before class – Executing the material with an audience is the slowest part of my feedback loop. Instead, I’ve had a few people review different parts of the material during and after I’d developed the material, constantly seeking people who might give a different perspective about the content, delivery techniques, etc. Some of them involved a detailed walk through, others a brief, what do you think response?
  • Gathering feedback from classes – I’ve had a chance to run some pilot classes, gathering effective feedback to consider changes. I also try to set some time aside after class, capturing notes around how effective I thought some of the classes ran, looking at ways of improving them.
  • Eating my own dog food – The trainer’s guide is meant for someone else, and as difficult as I find it is, following a guide you wrote, I try using it to plan out the classes I run to see how well documented it is.