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The Retrospective Handbook

I’m very proud to announce the release of The Retrospective Handbook: A guide for agile teams now available on

I wrote this book as another resource to help agile teams make the most of their retrospective practice. It contains the distilled experience of facilitating and participating in retrospectives for the past eight years as well as the advice gleamed by talking to, and observing skilled facilitators from numerous conferences and agile gatherings over the years.

Author of Agile Retrospectives, Diana Larsen kindly wrote the Foreword for this book.


  1. Jonathan Rasmusson

    Congrats on the book Patrick! No doubt that took a lot of hard work and effort.

    All the best with your year.

  2. mike

    what does it mean that your book title is crossed out? is it not available anymore?

  3. Patrick

    Hi Mike,

    Sorry about that. It was a plugin that can’t check https links that was causing it be crossed out. The book is still available.

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