Pearl Jam at Hard Rock Calling

Summertime in London means festival atmosphere and this year, Gerrod got us some tickets to see Pearl Jam at this year’s Hard Rock Calling. Hard Rock Calling fell on the week where we fortunately had plenty of sunshine and, amazingly, no rain. As a result, Hyde Park ended up a bit like a dust bowl with the number of people, evidenced by the black feet by those brave enough to go barefoot or in thongs (i.e. flip flops) and by the stunning sunset that served to only highlight the low hanging haze.

Although it ran most of the day, I didn’t get a day off work for it, so we turned up to see Ben Harper and the headliners, Pearl Jam. They played for a very long time starting early due to the constraints of playing in Hyde Park, finishing up around 10pm. We managed to get fairly close to the stage – probably about a third of the way from the front where we pick up some decent sounds. Even from this distance, we relied on the big screens to work out what was going on. Given that it was summery and Pearl Jam did put on some decent tunes, it was hard not to enjoy yourself.

Here’s Stac, Gerrod and Wes all enjoying the tunes. What a fantastic evening and time. It was great seeing Stac and Wes as well since I hadn’t seen them for ages and, it being hard to see them when they live all the way up in Aberdeen.

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