Marc and Amanda’s Wedding

I’ve known Marc and Amanda sine the earliest University days and it was my great pleasure to share, with them, their wedding day on Friday. Things started off ominously with the volcanic ash in Europe threatening to leave the to-be couple stranded in London. Fortunately they ended up leaving even earlier than expected, getting on one of the earliest flights to leave shortly after the government lifted the flight ban. Things continued to look up with a perfect Gold Coast day heralding in the beautiful ceremony at the Hyatt at Sanctuary Cove.

Everything ran really smoothly and it was a wonderful ceremony attended by many great family and friends from both sides. Things continued on after the ceremony with a lovely reception and dinner at Arundel’s Country Club where a final farewell saw the newly-weds depart the venue. I count myself particularly lucky knowing what a wonderful couple these two make and will continue to be over the next coming years.