The Dark Knight

Dark KnightLast night I saw The Dark Knight and what did I think? Two words. Very impressive. There are many elements that make it really worth watching, particularly on the big screen. I was quite impressed by the (novel) lack of excessive CGI effects, or over the top explosions, instead replaced by classic elements of a movie that make it so different, such as the progressive development of many of its characters and a plot that left you questioning and asking for more.

I have to applaud Ledger’s performance and although I’m not sure if it’s Oscar worthy, I’d definitely agree with many of the reviews that it was spectacular, even spookier than Nicholson’s rendition back in the day. I think the most impressive aspect to Ledger’s Joker is that it’s clear that he is a madman, and not just a slightly zany villain with a sense of humour. Everything from his posture, this agitated mannerisms, and the random actions all point towards his questionable mental stability and lack of moral boundaries.

Spoiler alert…

To say that this movie has no faults would be a lie, with quite a few things bothering me like Katie Holmes’ replacement (is the audience not meant to question this?), or the escape flight out of Hong Kong – a very easy solution to what would be a much harder problem. I thought it very strange as well, or at least, left at a loose end when Batman leaves the Joker (and Co.) with all the guests in the apartment party scene as he jumps out to save Rachel yet there are no other consequences or loss of life. I also think that the weak reappearance of the Scarecrow didn’t really add much to the overall story line.

Although not perfect, I’d still highly recommend everyone watch this movie. Stronger characters and surprise storylines (I didn’t see two-face coming in this movie) replace a line best known for cheesy costumes and big bang effects. It’s a movie where every victory is underscored by some element of tragedy, and in many ways, is the best super hero movie best reflecting reality. Rating: 9 out of 10