Quick Recap

Here’s a brief summary of what happened last week:

  • Arrived back Sunday to catch up with Ajit and Luca at one of my favourite gastro pubs, conveniently located about three blocks away, The Dovetail. Surprisingly unbusy on the Sunday evening, we had some wonderful burgers washed down by some even better Belgian Beers like Chimay Blu. Unfortunately they don’t have boar burgers on their menu any more apparently because it’s difficult to find any organic suppliers, so I went for a lamb burger instead. What a way to settle back into town!
  • I dropped into our office on Monday to have a chat with a number of people including the new Managing Director for our new Swedish office. It was great to catch up with people, and then caught up with Gerrod and Kristy at another of my favourite eating places, Wahaca. Wonderful evening although the tiny table meant both Kristy and I spilt some food at some stage.
  • The following day, I headed out to Limerick for the XP2008 conference and had a great time catching up with a number of people from previous years and indulging in decent weather (for Ireland). I somehow managed to return with two umbrellas though that’s a whole other story. The conference ended with a huge dinner at a Castle about half an hour away from the city, before returning to London.
  • Quickly unpacking and repacking on Saturday, I also ended up at one of our internal conferences, this time held at Regents College right in the middle of Regents Park. An evening BBQ with plenty of food and drink saw us enjoy the summertime atmosphere surrounded by old friends and colleagues.
  • I also managed to catch up with my sister over some Dim Sum before heading out to the airport where we sat for an extra hour because of the arrival of Bush.

A busy yet thoroughly enjoyable week and I look forward to more of it when I return in late July.

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