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Saturday saw me use a Floatworks voucher that my sister gave me, entitling me to the one hour experience of floating in a pool of water. It’s a surreal experience and I’m glad that I didn’t suffer from the nausea that I know a few other people who’ve been had. Instead I noticed that my mind wandered all over the place, and I really don’t like stuffy closed spaces. You step into a pod of warm salty water, so salty in fact that by the end of it, you can feel some of the salt crystalised and need a shower to get it most of it off. I’m not sure if I’d go back although I’m glad I’d tried one out.

I also went out to Chiswick, or at least tried to, after a long attempt at riding a number of buses to arrive at a dinner that Stacey and Wes had organised with Gerrod and Kristy. I had a wonderful evening with them despite turning up almost an hour late, indulging in a fat and extremely tasty dover sole and hanging around with them at the Roebuck until closing time.

I attempted to pack for Canada only to realise that I hadn’t received some of the necessary paperwork I needed for my work permit. Almost panicking, I rushed into the office to gleefully find them sitting by the rest of the mail pile. Phew. In a way, I’ve been glad that this weekend has been slightly cold, dreary and rainy as I feel like I won’t be missing too much (just yet) when I leave.

I finished the weekend off with a brunch at the Blue Elephant that impressed me more when I first entered although I did leave extremely well satisfied.

Tomorrow I head off to Calgary for three months where I’m going to help out with a project for a while. I’m looking forward getting back to project delivery where I can refocus the lessons I’ve learned the last few months and apply them in my coaching and development interests.

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