Where’s the good coffee? Caffe Vergnano

I’ve been meaning to go to this little cafe for some time, and it was only recently with some Italian colleagues of mine that we visited here. Voted as the best coffee store by Time Out one year, I’m surprised this coffee shop isn’t as busy as other places. Like most other coffee stores in London, this store doesn’t have much space for staying with a few small tables and chairs ideal for a few people catching up.

The main attraction here is the coffee bar, complete with one of the best looking Elektra machines I’m yet to see. Like most of their other machines, this Elektra espresso machine is made out of shiny sleek silver, brightly polished. This particular machine is much taller than other espresso machines, with an a matching silver eagle mounting its peak. Three spouts extend out of its circular sides onto tiny little platforms, drawing the luxurious black liquid into whatever receptacle that sits below.


In true Italian fashion, we ordered an espresso each, served on a small pewter train and accompanied by a small glass of cold water and an almond based biscuit – the perfect after lunch condiment. Of course, we drink this standing at the espresso bar. For those partial to the cappuccino, ask for the sprinkled chocolate dusted over their signature 1882 template.

Location: Caffe’ Vergnano is found on 62 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0BL (Google Map link)

5 Replies to “Where’s the good coffee? Caffe Vergnano”

  1. Hi Pat – please can you do this for New York next time you come and visit? 🙂

    I got my bag of Monmouth Columbian while I was over, am already looking forward to my saturday morning!

  2. Seriously, you should publish a little London cafe/restaurant book. A pocket-size one you can have in your handbag, organised by area and type of drink/food; ready to whip out when people are organising where to go for food, coffee or drinks.

  3. Mel – thanks for the note. I might consider it if I can find the time to put one together. I find that it’s useful for people searching on the web, simply just to have it. It looks like other people have difficult trying to find good coffee in London as well!

  4. Hi Patrick – Indeed, I’ve been having a great deal of difficulty finding good coffee in London, which is how I stumbled across your site! I quite like Caffe Vergnano as well, and there’s another one located at the Southbank Centre which I would recommend because it’s incredibly large and beautifully designed. Another coffee place which isn’t on your list just yet is the Algerian Coffee Store on Old Compton Street in Soho, which sells cappucinos at the amazingly reasonable price of 95 p (takeaway only). It’s a great little coffee place which has been there since 1887 and you are immediately assailed by the beautiful aroma of freshly ground coffee the moment you enter the store.

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