Purchasing Postage Online

Royal MailDid you know that the Royal Mail allows you to buy postage for your packages online and print it out yourself? You don’t even have to go into a post office to drop your packages off. Simply enter the details to work out the price, pay for it via several mechanisms including debit or credit card, print and tag your parcel and you’re set.

The only caveat are those packages that you want tracking for will still need to be dropped off at a post office (since they need to scan it to start the tracking from some point). For some reason I was really surprised to hear about this service, and I think it’s a great idea. Next time I don’t need tracking for something I need to send, I’ll definitely be using it.

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  1. Its cool isn’t it? I recently sent off my tax return that way – but forgot about dropping it off at the post office for tracking. Whoops!

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