Embracing Change

Wu WeiI had my room packed up, my bills redirected, my flight booked, had someone almost moving into my flat and was already trying to get through the round of (short term) farewells, but contrary to my recent post, it looks like I’m staying in London for a bit longer. Earlier today I got the ominous phone call telling me that my current opportunity to be a trainer in India will not be available as planned for the start of next year.

To say I’m disappointed is quite understated but at least I will no longer be as anxious as I have been this last week building up to Christmas and I know an opportunity will open up sometime in the future. Better yet I’m glad that it’s been easy enough to cancel the cancellation request on my ISP (they rock!) and I still get to go on my skiing trip already booked and paid for next year. I apologise to all the people who I sincerely told that I was leaving London, and I thank all of you who contacted me to wish me the best.

The picture above are the characters for the Toaist principle, Wu-Wei, and I find relevant in dealing with the recent news

6 Replies to “Embracing Change”

  1. yikes, that’s disappointing… I’m sure something else will materialize soon, and it might even be better! 🙂

  2. Hey Pat,

    That really sucks. I could imagine that was quite hard to deal with, after you did all that organising too. At least we still get to have you in Andorra with us.

  3. Thanks. That’s the nature of business and consultancy, so I’m dealing with it fine. I’m sure they’ll be plenty of other things to enjoy instead next year. Skiing will be fun.

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