IntelliJ Live Templates for Eclipse

Migrating to Eclipse has been interesting having used it for a little over a week now. I’m definitely not as productive in it yet, and there are features (or plugins) that win some points, but others that lose dismally. I’m still reserving my judgement for a few more weeks and probably should wait until I pair with an Eclipse super user. Til then though, I’ve missed some of the common IntelliJ Live Templates (equating to Eclipse Templates), so here‘s a file for those that want them (for use with Eclipse 3.1.1). Import them under Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Editor -> Templates (no, I’m not kidding). I’m building up a list of key mappings as well, but that will take a little bit longer.

Anything that saves me from typing is awesome. Enjoy!

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  1. I tried to do something similar sometime back. But then i dumped eclipse and ended up using IntelliJ always. Recently I am using Eclipse again on another project. This time for a C project. I miss the keyboard shortcuts of IntelliJ, which i feel is better than Eclipse’s. alt+shift is a bit difficult to use when compared to control+shift.
    That said, Eclipse’s CDT rocks for C development. Though there is hardly any support for refactoring (it supports only rename). Let me see if i can add some plugins to it 🙂

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