Era Ora

When my sister heard that I was going to be near Copenhagen for a holiday, she wanted to go and visit the city once again to dine in the one of its many Michelin-starred restaurants. We tried going to Tivoli’s Nimb but it was all booked out so we looked for reservations for our next most preferred, the Italian focused restaurant Era Ora.

Era Ora’s entrance is very discrete, located off a small side street near Christianshavn. We almost walked by it, if not for peering in at the lightly veiled windows to see the soft glowing lights of a restaurant. We dropped off our coat and sat down to the small tables – much less cramped together than many other restaurants. A giant napkin twirled and crossing the, just as equally, giant silver platters on which they sat. I quickly untwirled mine and cast it on my lap to avoid the awkwardness of waiters reaching across me. Fortunately our friendly waiter didn’t try to get there before I did.

Like many other diners that evening, we opted for the tasting menu – something that apparently that Era Ora was made famous for being the first to introduce a series of small dishes to delight the diner. Our first brought out a lovely seared scallop sitting with apple, fried leeks and froth.

When we sat down for our dinner at 7pm, only two other tables filled the dining room. It filled up by the time we left though. Here’s another view of the restaurant before it filled up.

A very wonderfully plated dish of lobster salad with filo pastry and beans

And then a pumpkin lasagne over fried Monte Veronese cheese.

And the plate of trio finished with plaice rolled on swiss chard, potato, sun-dried tomato and Jerusalem artichoke.

Another trio of dishes arrive as the second round of appetisers including Veal tartar in love with crunchy cracker and foam of soya.

A Castagnaccio with orange ricotta, banana chip and honey caramel

Below a stunning venison meatball in beans sauce with deep fried spring onion

All of course very beautifully presented.

Past the trio arrived a herbal risotto in scent of liquorice topped with roasted quails.

Followed by a pasta dish home made trofie pasta rolled in venison ragout and red onion. Italians would enjoy how perfectly aldente the pasta was and the strong reduced flavours in the ragout.

We then had a roasted lamb fillet with eggplant composition and fried tomato.

Our first round of dessert started with a refreshing prune sorbet served with a couple of cheeses (Monte Veronese and Ubriacone), light and palette cleansing.

And then Cream of white chocolate with lemon scents served with fennel and lemon coffee cream, cookie crumbs, dark chocolate caviar and milk sorbet

With our tea and coffee, some petite fours.

And a picture of the very stylish teapot.

And cup.

Not forgetting at least, the pyramid teabag.

Name: Era Ora
Found at: Overgaden Neden Vandet 33, 1414 Copenhagen, Denmark

The Zetter

I’ve lived around the corner from The Zetter for quite some time and although I’ve gone drinking in their court yard, I’d never really sat down to eat. Mainly because it seemed a little bit poncy (i.e. pricy) from the outside. I mean when you have wallpaper (as shown below), you think it’s going to be all for show.

Zetter Interior

With some great deals on Top Table at the moment, it’s definitely worth going. In fact, after eating there I still think it’s a good place for a quality dinner regardless of whether or not you get the deal. The focus for The Zetter is modern Mediterranean with foods from all over, though noticeably more focused on Italian and Spanish themes. Take for example the bread, a simple, slightly crisped rosemary foccacia with some olive oil for dipping.

Rosemary Foccacia

I had quite a bit of difficulty choosing from the menu, a good sign that it had some interesting dishes. I have a feeling the their menu is seasonal as it was printed on a piece of paper and then supplemented by some daily specials. I decided to start with the aubergine soup, served with creme fraiche and a piece of garlic toast.

Aubergine Soup

I’m not sure if you can really tell in the photo, but it was deliciously thick and had strong flavours though was slightly over-seasoned with too much black pepper. A bit of a shame because everything else was so nice. Next up was the main.

The Zetter Paella

A twist on the classic Paella, this version was made with Orzo (an Italian rice shaped pasta) though served with plenty of seafood and available for a single person (unlike all other places that seem to mandate at least two people have it). Chock full of flavour and bursting with seafood, this was super enjoyable.


Although their best dessert was apparently the crème brule, I’ve been a sucker for Tiramisu for a while, so I was intrigued by the “Zetter Tiramisu”. Served in a glass, it was the traditional layers although I think they’d opted for some sort of coffee liquor and had some fresh berries to provide a tart contrast. Served with an almond biscotti, perfect for dipping it wasn’t long before I had finished it.

I remember a very extensive wine menu although we weren’t drinking that night. They also seemed to have some reasonable and interesting cocktail creations as well. Service on the other hand was impeccable throughout. It was prompt, our tap water was constantly filled up and we were never pressured into being upsold or anything.

I’d definitely go back for a meal again.

Name: The Zetter
Found at: St John’s Square, 86 – 88 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1M 5RJ.


This place has been on my list for a while, apparently being this joint venture with Alan Yau, and the “Armani of Breads”, Rocco Princi. I’ve dropped in before but it’s always been heaving. The day I visited wasn’t any different, with the glamorous room filled to the brim with more people constantly flowing in. My only option considering it was literally pouring down buckets, was to get take out and so I decided to get two salads in a box.


The picture doesn’t really do that much justice to the two salads I ordered – an avocado and chicken salad followed by a roasted aubergine one. Had I ordered both lighter, mainly green salads, I think I would have felt extremely cheated for the £6.50 I paid but considering there was a lot of salad and the chicken one was almost all protein, the £6.50 was reasonable.

I wasn’t completely blown away by the salads but it was certainly filling. I’d be interested to see what it’s like to sit down amongst all the chaos.

Name: Princi
Location: 135 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0UT