Protected post on Ultraviolet

I got a comment on my last post from the Communications Director of Ultraviolet thanking me for writing up my experience, but also asking me to consider rewriting something shorter to allow others to remain surprised. I’ve eaten at lots of great places, and before going, even read a lot on the places that I’ve been going. My personal experience is that reading something is never quite the same as experiencing something, but I do want to respect their wishes.

I’m not going to rewrite the previous post because it took so much time, effort and I personally want to refer to all the details. The other point is that given the very limited seating arrangements, more people would benefit from knowing the details than not because it’s unlikely most people will get the opportunity to dine. Since you are the reader, I’ll let you decide.

I have put a simple password on the previous post, but if you’d like, leave a comment and I’ll email you the password so you can read it.

2 Replies to “Protected post on Ultraviolet”

  1. Dear Patrick,
    I read this post today. I am very, very sorry for causing you this trouble and misunderstanding from my personal comment on your post of Ultraviolet dinner experience.
    If my words have offended you, or made you think that I misunderstood your kind intention and effort for this post, I am terribly sorry!
    To make your writeup invisible was definitely not my my intention; I realized that my personal suggestion was not reasonable.
    I absolutely have no right to suggest any revision of your work which already took lots of your time and effort.
    I personally hope that you believe my appreciation is genuine.
    Please accept my apology.
    Monica Luo

  2. Hello Monica,

    Thanks for your comment and don’t worry about this. Your words didn’t offend you, although I found it a strange request. Making my previous post invisible was probably the easiest thing for me to do rather than rewriting it.

    Thanks for your apology but it was not necessary. Cheers.

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