Sunday Brunch at Ming Dynastie

When travelling to other European countries, I’m always a bit skeptical of eating Chinese food. It’s customary for the cuisine to adapt to local tastes, and when it comes to Chinese food, it normally results in highly salty, fried but otherwise fairly bland food. On a very rainy weekend in Berlin, I decided to head over to to try their Sunday brunch buffet.

Not really expecting as much (typically lower-end quality cuts and mainly fried dishes) I was quite surprised by the selection on offer. The food also turned out to be pretty good as well. There are, of course, the crowd pleasing sweet-sour pork dishes, etc, but they also had on offer a number of interesting things that seemed to take a bit more effort such freshly cooked Cloud ear mushrooms, hot and sour cucumbers, jellyfish salad, duck and fish in black bean sauce.

Even dessert impressed considering Chinese isn’t the most well known for its sweets including the pancake with peanut pastes, Chinese sponge cake and the yummy steamed buns filled with custard.

The reviews I read said that the quality was held pretty high in this branch (not sure about the other two) because it sits opposite the Chinese embassy. I’d definitely say so as well.

Name: Ming Dynastie
Found at: Brückenstrasse 6, Mitte, Berlin
Nearest S/U-Bahn: Jannowitzbrücke S-Bahn

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