No Fire No Glory

Berlin has plenty of good coffee places around. I’m very thankful for this given that London used to struggle with only a handful actually serving decent quality coffee and Berlin seems to be ahead of the game. The latest on my list I tracked down was one with the awesome name, No Fire No Glory. Located much further out than where I’m working, it was nice to visit a different part of Berin and experience yet another side to the city. I think they’ll be moving soon but the information right now is correct.

Upon entering the cafe, a large old fashioned cash register confronts you. It’s a wonderfully old working piece with each item entered resulting in a very satisfying click, and the turn of a handle, a very loud bang as the cash drawer opens. Behind the til sits a large gold-plated mirror opening up the space of the already well sized cafe. Soft, calming music pipes in the air, a pillowy blanket punctuated only by the sound of the coffee grinder and milk steaming.

I hung around for a while, working on a presentation for a conference, and it looks like this place is licensed as well serving alcohol and non alcoholic drinks in addition to sandwiches, cookies and slices of pie.

More importantly they list a whole bunch of different coffees for sale. The flat white is the most expensive I’ve seen around so far ringing in at €3.50 per cup. I wonder if it has to do with an extra shot of coffee as I definitely felt the caffeine hit when I finished drinking my cup.

Name: No Fire No Glory
Found at: Jessnerstr. 35, 10247 Berlin (nearest UBahn Frankfurter Allee)

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  1. I was there just last week. Had the cappucino and went straight to caffeine heaven :p It’s really one of the better cafes around town. Do check out The Barn & Bonanza Coffee Heroes on your next trip back to Berlin 🙂

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