Delifonseca is a split-floor store with the top floor reserved for a restaurant and the bottom floor dedicated to a delicatessen. I didn’t get a chance to really look through the delicatessen part as I arrived for an early dinner. Even when I arrived there at seven, many of the tables upstairs were either busy or had a reserved sign. I was still offered a table although told what time the other booking was.

Despite having menus, they have an extraordinary range of daily specials written up on a chalkboard, with at least three or four for each course one might like to think about.

You don’t see gumbo on the menu everywhere and when I asked my waiter for it, he hummed in approval. It was obviously a nice choice. I’ve never tried to make gumbo because I hear a lot of the work is in making the dark roux that is necessary for a really deep flavour. I have no idea whether or not they spent a long time making their gumbo but I do know that it really tasty. The sauce very dark and definitely tasted complex and filled with peppers, sausage and other things full of flavour. The prawns grilled on the side.

I opted for dessert over a starter, and decided on a hazelnut cake that they served with a huge scoop of chocolate ice cream and some brittle. As you can see from the picture above, the serving was very huge.

I really liked this place for the friendly service and the amazing quality of their food. With a large glass of red and a tip, I paid only £27 for the very generous portions.

Name: Delifonseca
Found at: 12 Stanley Street, Liverpool, L1 6AF, United Kingdom

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