This site contains entries related to what I am proud to do as a profession. I will update this page as this site develops.

Who am I?
I work mainly as a Technical Leader and an agile coach for Thoughtworks. Sometimes this means taking on a variety of roles including advisor, trainer, facilitator, team lead, technical lead, or being a plain old developer. I’ve worked with supremely large organisations (10, 000s of people) to very small organisations (20 people) helping them deliver better return on investments for their projects.

My passion is working closely with teams, helping them grow and learn with sustainable and long-term change. As a result, one of my favourite team practices is the Retrospective, a tool that allows people to Inspect and Adapt. I believe strongly in self-empowered teams and individuals, having seen many talented people beaten down by the systems they work in.

What I do?
Though I work as an agile coach, I still sit border of both the technical and non-technical realms. Both provide an interesting assortment of practices and situations. I’ve mainly written production systems in both .Net and Java encompasses all sorts of technologies, though I think I think it’s the patterns and practices that tend to last longer than a particular solution. I’m passionate about using the right techniques for the right job, and for the right level and believe in pragmatic agile practices. Over the years, I’ve had tons of experience with a large variety of agile practices, all the way from continuous integration (and build pipelines) to Test Driven Development and Refactoring.

Contact Me
You can contact me at the following address: emailpat _at_ thekua.com

I’m on twitter as of 2009. Contact me on @patkua

Content on this site
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  1. Susan

    hey there,

    stumbled onto your terrific blog while googling for good coffee in the Bayswater area as I’m missing a goooood barista coffee : ) you sure have eaten all around the place! heheh … but I couldn’t see your profile but I’m guessing you’re also a western chinese in London! 🙂 and you also appreciate good food 🙂 … drop me a note! … maybe we can chat online and check out some foodie places!

  2. Anna Pande


    First of all can I say thanks for your terrific blog. I also write about my life in Pune for the website http://www.punekar.in. Could I ask for permission to use your photo of the Sigree sign on our website (I have recently written a review of the place)?

    All the best,


  3. Gil Zilberfeld

    Hi Patrick,

    Couldn’t find a “contact me” so here goes:

    I’ve been following your blog for a while (through PlantTW syndication), and I really like the content. I’ve been living in the world of automation for a few years now, and like the comment I put today on tests in a continouts build, I relate.

    Today I work at Typemock, on unit testing tools (a natural path for me). I’d like to remain in contact with you (apart from being a passive blog reader:). There’s a lot of stuff we do we’d like expert opinions on, especially tools we’re currently working on and are not out yet.

    If you’re interested, let me know. I’ll be happy to have you onboard.

    Thanks for your time,
    Gil Zilberfeld


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  5. david

    Hello, I tried to buy your book on https://leanpub.com/ but the site make an error or block (without explication) when I try to pay, by visa or paypal (bad ecommerce experience ! perhaps it doesn’t accept french card ?). Can I buy it in another place ? Thks

  6. jamesp

    Hi Patrick, thanks for your work and all your useful articles. I would like to ask you a question about being a Tech Lead across multiple teams. I am working for a young company where the work is spread across 3 teams. We are using an enterprise CMS (Adobe AEM) and because I have been working on this product since 2011I became a TL for all these teams, helping theme to maintain and create new functionalities that are fully working and compatible for AEM. Could you please help me to understand how I can be a Tech Lead not just for one team but for multiple teams? One of the thing I am finding really difficult is to find time to actually write code. Also my fear is that I could easily become a blocker for them or a single point of failure. thanks in advance for your time

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