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I’ve been quiet on the blogging front because I’ve been busy doing other sorts of writing. One of my focal points is around leadership, both in teams in general, and around agile situations. I think it’s important that if you’re leading, you need to be seen to demonstrate the values and the suggestions that you speak of.

Wonderful, you have great intentions behind what you do. It’s even more powerful if you demonstrate the behaviours that you speak of. I think part of leading is knowing when to act. If you’re simply preaching at people, I don’t think you will be very effective as a leader.


  1. Greg

    Hey Pat
    I do agree with you. It sounds actually just same as you used to hear in churches. You have to live your life like you say and believe, to show others.
    The problem is when you have a “preacher” that doesn’t believe in what he is preaching but just “acts” to lead. Those leaders could be bad, or just have some hidden agenda.
    Are you into some kind of book by any chance ? 😉

  2. Patrick

    Hi Greg,
    No, I’m not into any kind of book. I agree that it’s dangerous when a leader has a hidden agenda. However whether or not they believe in the matter doesn’t make them any less bad right?

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