Splitting out your build file into smaller manageable chunks is a good practice to keeping them maintainable. Incorporating existing build files into your main one can sometimes be tricky, particularly when dealing with targets that depend on paths. Where you assumed you were executing one build file in a certain directory, suddenly you need to be able to run it from the root directory as well.

To maintain backwards compatibility (able to run it from the existing directory and a higher, root directory), I make use of nant’s ability to override property values (not supported by ant). Here’s the snippet of code I used:

<include buildfile="differentDirectory\deepdown\nested.build"/>
<property name="nested.build.root" value="differentDirectory\deepdown"/>
<if test="${file::exists('nested.build')}">
  <property name="nested.build.root" value="."/>
<echo message="Running nested build from ${nested.build.root}"/>