We think that agile software development is currently the best way of developing software, yet it hasn’t been adopted by all software companies in the world. Why? The answer – it’s really hard for people to fully embrace change.

Teams and organisation get stuck in their ways, and even cultures of continuous improvement and openness to change slowly build up a resistance until change no longer occurs.

This two hour workshop aims to raise your awareness of agents against change, and equip you with practical skills and techniques that will help you bolster the strength of the change virus. We’ll look at ways of taking it to a point where it’s so contagious that it has a life of its own.

Specifically we will:

  • Investigate sources of resistance to agile practices
  • Look at a number of patterns for helping others to embrace change
  • Examine influence and different styles of influencing
  • Share a number of case studies where these were applied to improve agile adoption and inspire a culture of continuous change.
  • Recognise where change patterns can fail and common pitfalls


  • You can download the presentation here.
  • You can download the workshop hand outs here.