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The Extended Agile Reading List

Update (20 Feb): I probably want to add the same disclaimer that I did on the previous post. I highly recommend doing reading on these things and I do want to emphasis that reading will only get you so far, so try to find someone who’s worked with in this way before (i.e. an agile coach) to help you apply all these concepts appropriately.

Building upon the Essential Agile Reading List, here’s the extended one that includes either books that I’ve not read (and have been recommended) or those that help facilitate further understanding or more advanced practices.

Methodologies and principles

Additional context


Continuous Improvement

Project Management

Requirements and planning

Development practices

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  1. Jonathan Rasmusson

    Wow. Great list Pat. A sign of a good coach and team mate is someone who is continuous learning and looking for an edge. The breadth of your library suggests you are both.

    One book I don’t see on your list is ‘Artful Making’.

    I have short review of it here:

    But if you liked the ones above, you will probably enjoy this one time.

    All the best.

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