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Announcing the Release of SharpZebra 0.90

Printing to the Zebra branded thermal transfer printers requires knowledge of their proprietary EPL2 language. Searching the net for a nice way of using EPL2 to communicate with these printers turns up a number of small projects, though none of them particularly ideal for integrating with a well written C# application, with most of them effectively getting you to copy and paste code into your project that you shouldn’t have to maintain.

Sharpzebra is a new open source project, written in C# that gives you access to a better printing API that abstracts away the EPL2 language concepts. I hope that it helps you spend more time putting together the things you need to print instead of working out how to print. See the Two Minute Quickstart here.

Download the binary release (dll), or binary with the project source code here.


  1. Stumbled across SharpZebra today. Thanx much, will be very useful. Struggled thru Dymo codes many years ago with VB6. This will save some time for me. Any improvements on the horizon?

  2. Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the comment. What sort of improvements are you looking for? Right now, the API is designed to be lightweight and enough to do most jobs. Please leave a comment if you do have any though.

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