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Visual Studio 2005 Annoyances

Anyone who has worked with me knows how much I enjoy working with mainly the keyboard alone. IntelliJ and Eclipse have great ways of doing things with the mouse, and as I’m finding out, Visual Studio has a plethora of them as well. Unfortunately many of them trigger hidden buttons or menu items that don’t exist. We accidentally turned on a “feature” of showing spaces as dots and took a while searching out how to turn if off as shown in the diagram below.

Visual Studio showing spaces as dots

If it ever happens to you, you apparently have to drag a button onto one of the menu bars in order to disable it. Otherwise try the short cut keys, CTRL-R followed by CTRL-W. Of course…


  1. Patrick

    Thanks, you saved my life !

  2. Palani

    i was frustrated with this. Somehow, accidentally this one got enabled when i was typing fast. I spent a good 15 mts in visual studio but nothing useful. Then i googled and in 2 seconds was here… Thanks.

  3. soundararajan

    Thanks a lot, i am very much fustrated with this. The problem is To encapsulate a field we use Ctrl+R, E. While trying to do that i accidently pressed Ctrl+R, W which turned on that feature. Now its fine.

  4. Debbydoo

    THANK YOU!!!!

  5. jai prakash

    thank a lot.. u have reduced my tension due to this …

  6. ken

    THANK YOU!!! This was TICKING [real word remove in the event small children read this post] me off!!

  7. Jim McKeeth

    This just saved me too. Thanks! First result in Google when I typed “visual studio spaces as dots” too.

  8. nancy

    Thanks! The cat walked across the keyboard and turned this on for me. If only I could teach him web design…

  9. Chris

    You are superman! Thanks a ton.

  10. Rohit Mule

    Thank You Man… It Works…

  11. Joey

    and this just happened to me? in vs2008 actually
    ohh Google, would we bing if we couldn’t google??

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