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The thing that I enjoy the most about working on projects run with agile principles and practices is that it is really effective. I’m constantly impressed by how quickly things change and adapt in such a short time frame, though I know that this can be a little disorienting to people not used to it. I just got back from a week of skiing in Andorra (the snow was very nice for us despite their worst season ever) and in that time, five developers have completely changed the way an entire application looks as well as adding a whole heap of functionality that wasn’t there when I left seven days ago. Great stuff!

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  1. Robert Watkins

    I’m convinced that there are two ways organisations can deal with the rate that changes can occur – embrace it or oppose it. Not for nothing is the subtitle to the first XP book “embrace change”.

    Unfortunately, too many organisations see “change control” as a euphemism for “change prevention”.

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