Legoland Berlin

Okay, so my sister dragged me to Legoland, and despite not being particularly excited about being surrounded by screaming kids ended up as a pretty reasonably outing. Who doesn’t want to be greeted by a taller-than-human Batman constructed out of lego.

The best bit about the whole trip, at least for me, was the impressive recreation of relevant sights around Berlin and the small details built into the whole exhibition. It made for some pretty nice photo opportunities.

For example, here is the intricate reconstruction of the Berliner Dom, not exactly an easy reconstruction of a building.

Just like in real life, they caught how busy the cathedral can be on weekends with people taking pictures, going in and out of the building.

They had a number of working, moving parts of the exhibition including a simulation of the overhead S-Bahn trains that run. Even the train station for this one near the Hackescher Mark, looks exactly like it does in real life.

Not just content with simple replicas. They even built in a mode that transitioned from day to night, where Berlin really comes alive. Here’s the famous Unter den Linden at nighttime.

They even had a little concert celebrating the downfall of the wall.

How could they miss the famous Checkpoint Charlie?

Or the famous Reichstag?

And the magnificently tall Brandenburg Tor at the end of the Unter den Linden streets.

Once again, not missing any of the little detail. Or maybe making it up. After all, I’m not so sure I’ve seen a monkey on top of a piano just yet.

Here’s the strip at night time.

A nice little visit, and we both navigated the chaotic screaming kids for the most part.

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