Vegan Viasko in Kreuzburg

The Happy Cow has proved to be an essential partner to easily finding some vegetarian places in Berlin. The lastest on our trail was another Kreuzburg location called Viasko. This place serves entirely vegan food and had a reasonable selection of different things to please the appetite.

They’re interior’s really interesting and we couldn’t work out if effects were intended, or simply painted over effects. It fits in almost too well. I booked us for a table of eight, and we took up one side of the restaurant. I’m guessing that they probably can cover about thirty people before running out of room.

Several of us ordered the gyro which tasted so good and realistic than we had to confirm that it was definitely made out of tofu, and not some magical meat mixture. The portion sizes were huge and defeated me that I couldn’t really think about dessert.

Other people got some dumplings served with some potato salad. Apparently pretty good but very stodgy and filling.

I was pretty happy with this place. It’s not quite as high end as several people thought I’d make it, but the prices were very reasonable with dinner for eight of us including a few beers and various drinks coming to about €150 (and some people managed to fit in dessert).

Name: Viasko
Found at: Erkelenzdamm 49, Berlin, Germany (closest U Bahn being Kottbusser Tor)

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