Chipotle coming to the UK!

Yay. Via Slashfood.

I wonder though if they’re going to be American-sized portions, or adopted for more local trends.


  1. Lily

    1. There are many American expats in London, so a good place for their first location.
    2. Portions too big? I think not! Lest us not forget, Britain is the fattest nation in europe!!

  2. Anthony

    This is brilliant! I had arrived from Denver in 2007 and I really miss the Chipotle burritos. I can’t wait until it opens. I’ll be one of the first in the queue and there definitely will be a queue. Yes they are really that good. Yeehaw!

  3. JohnDoe

    I had Chipotle when I visited Ohio in 2004, it was amazing and though large the portions were good, if they cut down on the size for the Uk market I will not be impressed.

  4. Sophie

    I love Chipotle! UK needs more Mexican food.
    Its in the perfect location for me aswell. I’m wondering what the prices here’ll be though…

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